Who is theMovement?

The Alliances mentioned are DOA, EXITIUM, and Libertas.

“the following three 5TAs representing different alliances”. This clearly states, these teams represent each respective alliance and their alliance’s membership in theMovement. Why mention the alliances if the respective alliances aren’t in theMovement? Why not state theMovement is only these 15 teams if those alliances aren’t included?

The statement prior to that, “approved and supported by, but not limited to …” is obvious indication there are more teams than the 15 above. It is a clear indication there are silent signatories to theMovement from within those aforementioned alliances.

Odin has denied his membership in theMovement, but this is only an attempt to create “plausible deniability” to nefarious actions he and his 5TA take in an attempt to “preserve” the integrity of theMovement. WarEnforcers were a founding member of Libertas after they left Arachnid, and to this day are leaders/members of the Libertas alliance.

RoyalRoad members have argued in multiple places on the WD forums they are not related to DOA or any mega alliance. So, why join an alliance now? Why would TheJuryReborn, who hasn’t been aligned with WarEnforcers for some time, join Libertas alliance if not to work closely with its founding member? Or was the joining of TheJuryReborn into Libertas only a political move to try and create a false sense of a widespread “movement” across atlas alliances?

Regardless which is true, perhaps even both, these questions leave too much suspicion on the relationships of these 5TAs and the alliances in which they represent.