theMovement Is A Lie

Our Mission is TRUTH

The purpose of this website is to give every War Dragons player the opportunity to access information that directly relates to theMovement led by DOA, Libertas and EXITIUM.

It offers an EVIDENCE page with conversations, data, and screenshots that many players would otherwise never see. The information is from Dragon Lords across ALL alliances to help YOU, regardless of current allegiance, decide for yourself if this “movement” is truly living up to the tenets posted in the Forum.

Scroll down as we scrutinize each section of their letter to the community; followed by a brief interpretation from a Dread-aligned perspective.  

Ultimately, the decision is yours. Are they truly what they say they are? Are their intentions just? Are they achieving their goals honorably? 

They are a group of Diamond and upper-tier Sapphire teams, not a collective of cross-league teams.

There are no “ultimatums” dictated by DREADNOUGHT and their 4TA. There are no “with us or against” ultimatums. There is no documented or undocumented favoritism.

Unlike theMovement citation, DREAD does not instruct HOW to play the game, only that “Our enemies are your enemies”. They do not micromanage the 5 DREAD-friendly alliances (SiNister, Sine Nomine, Legacy, Parabellum, and Soul Fuckers). Each are autonomous in leadership and make their own internal alliance rules and play the game as they see fit.

This faction is committed to doing ANYTHING. Evidenceshows that this includes the exact tyrannical practices they express to eliminate. theMovement uses bullying tactics on lower-tier teams citation citation, gives ultimatums of “with us or against us” citation, and has created their own dictatorship with in theMovement structure.

theMovement does not send in lower tier teams to bubble lower tier castles to reach their enemies, which would be considered “fair gameplay”.  Instead, they send in upper tier Sapphire teams to bully and abuse platinum/gold teams who gate higher DREAD-friendly teams. Many of the lower tiered Atlas teams, who have had their castles stolen in this way, would not agree that they are “not looking to hurt anyone”.  Many of these teams receive constant threatening emails demanding passage or conquer; many teams battle daily to keep what is theirs. 

There has always been balance in the lower tiers. For T2 castles, ~65% are owned by non-DREAD teams. For T3 castles, ~52% are owned by non-DREAD teams. This is balanced for the vast majority of all atlas teams (1,153 teams Sapphire 2 and down). The only “unbalance” were the castles the Diamond 1/2 and Sapphire 1 teams desire. This movement is not a fight of balance for ALL atlas, but a fight only amongst upper tier teams.

theMovement HAS NOT given any castles to lower tiers for the sake of rebalance; their castle counts are only increasing.

Again, the tyranny they speak of is only their opinion. It is not shared by everyone and there is no proof of such tyranny. Multiple competing alliances with fair play already existed. 

These “different” alliances are not as different as one thinks. There were multiple no-hit agreements between these groups (ie. DOA, DOA2, Arachnid, and Libertas) before theMovement began. The only exception is that of the 4 DREAD defectors of EXITIUM who only recently joined (one more joined this week to make 5). These teams are Diamond teams ONLY. (Not Gold, Platinum, or lower tier Sapphire teams.) This is a Diamond 1/2 and Sapphire 1 fight only and has nothing to do with the remainder of atlas.

EXITUM: all Diamond 1
TheJuryReborm / Libertas: all Diamond 1/2 & one Sapphire 1
VeniVidiViciV / DOA: all Diamond 1 & one Sapphire 1

However, they are representing each alliance, and as such all members of these alliances are also members of theMovement citation which means their actions reflect back onto theMovement.

There aren’t “many teams” joining theMovement. Only 5 have left the DREAD-friendly alliances and joined theMovement. The only large sum of teams “joining the cause”, especially of the lower tier leagues, are the current member teams of the aforementioned alliances of DOA and Libertas. Not one lower-tier team (Sapphire 1 and below) has left SiNister, Legacy, Soul Fuckers, Sine Nomine, or Parabellum.

So, we ask, is this a positive future? And if so, by whose standards?